‘Times are changing’: B.C. minister addresses online criticism over bringing baby to legislature

Feb 28, 2024 – Shannon Paterson/CTV News Vancouver

When Bowinn Ma, B.C.’s minister of emergency management and climate readiness, posted a photo of her three-month-old daughter Azalea in a makeshift nursery in her legislature office, most people were supportive of her decision to bring her baby to work.

But she got her share of hate, including several online comments saying she should stay home and be a mother, or that babies have no place in the legislature.

When she posted a photo of her breastfeeding Azalea under a blanket in a cabinet event, Ma got even more criticism.

“The vast majority of people have been supportive, but of course there are still some, I guess, less supportive attitudes out there,” said Ma, who clapped back at the online comments, defending her decision to return to the legislature with Azalea in tow and feed her when she’s hungry.

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