Mobile Offices

Café MLA

See this sign on the streets of North Vancouver? It means that MLA Bowinn Ma is nearby and available to chat, no appointment needed.

Come provide her with your comments about the issues that matter to you, ask her questions about what the provincial government is doing, or just say hi and pick up a treat from her basket.


Mobile Community Office

Did you spot our tent? Our Mobile Community Office is a more substantial set-up than a Café MLA and offers a variety of give-aways and children’s activities (offerings may be impacted by the pandemic). Like Café MLAs, MLA Bowinn Ma is generally available without appointment when our Mobile Community Office is activated. However, during longer activations (ie. at day-long festivals or multi-day events), the Mobile Community Office may at times be staffed only by volunteers.


The Bowinn MAbile

MLA Bowinn Ma can regularly be seen zipping around the community on her personal e-cargo bike, the Bowinn MAbile. Wave hello if you see her on the go!

The Bowinn MAbile sometimes also doubles as a more mobile version of a Mobile Community Office. Stop by to chat if you see her set up on the street.