Take shorter showers, run only full washing loads ahead of water restrictions, B.C. minister advises

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July 11 2023, CBC News

British Columbians need to start taking water-saving measures now and shouldn’t wait for official restrictions to be implemented, the minister of emergency management and climate readiness says.

Bowinn Ma’s advice comes amid a persistent dry spell across the province, with half of B.C.’s water basins currently at Level 4 drought, where Level 5 is the worst.

With the lack of rain and record-breaking temperatures in some areas, B.C. is also facing a record-breaking wildfire season.

On Tuesday, Ma, who is also the MLA for North Vancouver–Lonsdale, told CBC’s The Early Edition that the drought and wildfires are a reality of the climate crisis. She also gave a preview of what to expect with regards to water restrictions and emergency measures in the coming days and weeks.

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