Province drops ‘substantial’ infrastructure cash on North Shore municipalities

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Mar 03, 2022 – Brent Richter/North Shore News

The North Shore’s three local governments are getting just shy of $30 million in (almost) no-strings-attached cash from the province to spend on local infrastructure.

Premier David Eby and Municipal Affairs Minister Anne Kang announced the Friday one-time grants of $10.98 million for the City of North Vancouver, $10.25 million for the District of North Vancouver and $8 million for the District of West Vancouver. The grants are part of a $1 billion Growing Communities Fund being shared among the province’s 188 local governments to help them accommodate growth and pay for things like utilities, recreational facilities, parks, climate adaptation projects or planning work.

The province determined how much each municipality should get based on a formula that factors in both their current population size and rate of growth.

“Right across the board, all communities have a deficit of investment in their local infrastructure. For those communities that are growing faster, we see even greater increased demand on the infrastructure in their communities. And for those who aren’t growing as much, a lot of the barriers to growth are concerns about the demand on their infrastructure,” said North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma. “The amount that is coming to the North Shore is substantial.”

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