North Shore Connects Applauds Prioritization of Rapid Transit from Metrotown to Park Royal

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Nov 16, 2023 –

North Shore Connects is applauding the Mayors’ Council decision to formally endorse the Metrotown-Park Royal Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line as a prioritized corridor for investment.

The Metrotown-Park Royal BRT was the highest-scoring regional route under consideration due to the immediate demand it will satisfy from ridership and its ability to provide access to major employers and housing. The new BRT corridor will make it easier for people to live, work and play without delay as it will alleviate congestion through Burnaby, Vancouver, and across the North Shore.

Recognizing that the communities along the Metrotown-Park Royal BRT line are in need of a fast and competitive way to move through this busy corridor, TransLink has further announced that the R2 RapidBus will immediately be extended from the Phibbs Exchange to Metrotown. North Shore Connects further applauds this service enhancement and look forward to working with TransLink on the implementation as BRT planning and implementation proceed concurrently.

Said Bowinn Ma, Member of Legislative Assembly for North Vancouver-Lonsdale, “The challenges of getting to, from, and around the North Shore are frustrations that people across the region can appreciate. Building off of the work and recommendations of the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project that I was honoured to lead in 2018, there’s been growing recognition that the North Shore needs to be next for a rapid transit solution that serves people throughout our communities. I’m thrilled to see that the Mayors’ Council has now prioritized this long overdue project and I look forward to continuing to work with our partners to see it through.”

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