MLAs lobby for extended weekend SeaBus hours

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By Brent Richter, North Shore News

Jan 8th, 2018 – North Vancouver-Lonsdale NDP MLA Bowinn Ma and North Vancouver-Seymour Liberal MLA Jane Thornthwaite have both released letters to TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond arguing the SeaBus should be given the same consideration.

“I’ve heard from countless constituents and residents on the North Shore that getting home late is also an issue for them,” Thornthwaite’s letter read. “Including SeaBus in this would demonstrate to North Shore residents that TransLink considers their interests as well.”

Ma also requested TransLink consider earlier operating hours for the SeaBus so it is better integrated with the rest of TransLink’s rapid transit network.

“Whereas Canada Line and SkyTrain service begins at Waterfront station between 4:45-5:15 a.m., the earliest SeaBus leaves Lonsdale Quay at 6:02 a.m. SeaBus commuters arrive at Waterfront Station no earlier than 6:15 a.m. meaning that our reliable rapid transit system is often not an option for those community members who work shifts starting at 7 a.m. or earlier. The same is true for residents outside of the North Shore who travel to my constituency to work,” she wrote.

TransLink expects the SkyTrain feasibility study to be complete in mid-2018.

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