Is pro rep in fact ‘lit’? Horgan’s debate comment prompts online groans

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“If you were woke, you’d know that pro rep is lit.”

It’s the 11-word sentence that has turned heads of all ages since it was uttered by Premier John Horgan during Thursday night’s electoral reform debate with BC Liberal Party leader Andrew Wilkinson.

Social media users were quick to judge what they saw as a cringe-worthy comment, which Horgan defended on Twitter shortly after the 30-minute debate.

@jjhorgan I stand by my statement. .

Proportional representation means exactly what it says: 40% of the votes = 40% of the seats.

Governments elected under pro rep do what so many of us do every day. They work together to get things done.

If you’re one of the many people who don’t know what those words mean, “woke” means to understand what’s really going on in a situation, while “lit” often means being intoxicated at parties, but anything fun.

Even New Democrat Bowinn Ma, B.C.’s youngest MLA at 33 years old, said she didn’t know the two words until Thursday night.

@BowinnMa Learning this phrase tonight reconfirms for me what I’ve said before: That I’m the youngest MLA in BC at 33 doesn’t tell you how youthful I am; it tells you how old is! Let’s change this with an electoral system that engages younger voters.

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