B.C. residents asked to prepare for a “challenging” wildfire season

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Mar 18, 2024 – Wolf Depner/Victoria News

British Columbians are asked to prepare for an early start of the 2024 wildfire season, with new fires joining some 90 hold-over fires — also known as Zombie fires — from last year.

B.C. Emergency Management Minister Bowinn Ma said she is not trying to scare British Columbians, but encourage them to prepare.

“The climate crisis is here and we are feeling the impacts of climate change,” Ma said. “It’s no secret that we did not accumulate the snowpack that we were hoping for in many parts of the province and while we all hope to get more rain in the months ahead, we are taking action now to prepare for what could be a very challenging season. In fact, we are taking action earlier than ever and preparations for this year’s wildfire and drought are already well underway.”

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