Wildfire evacuees can now get financial support via e-transfer

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June 12, 2024 – CBC News

The B.C. government is introducing new measures to make it easier for evacuees to receive financial support during climate disasters.

On Wednesday, Emergency Management Minister Bowinn Ma announced people displaced by wildfires and other disasters will now be able to receive a $200 accommodation allowance, available directly via e-transfer or at emergency reception centres.

“During large-scale evacuations, people are often travelling at late hours of the night and may face long lines at evacuee reception centres before they can receive a referral to a hotel,” Ma said in a prepared statement at a Wednesday news conference.

“By increasing the accommodation allowance and giving people the option to receive financial support directly to their bank account, we’re empowering people with more options to find suitable accommodation for themselves and their loved ones during times of crisis.”

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