TransLink encouraging Metro Vancouver drivers to ditch their vehicles on Earth Day

Apr 14, 2022 – Lauren Collins/Surrey Now-Leader

TransLink is encouraging Metro Vancouver drivers to ditch their vehicles this coming Earth Day “as part of a collective initiative to reduce the region’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

Bowinn Ma, the province’s minister of state for infrastructure, pointed out the relatively calm weather during the announcement, following hail and snowstorms earlier in the week.

“With all seriousness though with what we’ve been observing over the last few days and the month of April and what we’ve experienced here in British Columbia over the last several months in terms of extreme climate weather, what we know with certainty is that the climate emergency is here.”

Ma, who is an advocate of transit and active transportation, said if people are serious about driving down greenhouse gas emissions, “we must address how we move people and goods around our community.”

“Public transit is a safe, affordable, and reliable way to get around, and is an important part of our CleanBC climate action plan to lower emissions and support a cleaner, more vibrant British Columbia.”

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