Waterfront SeaBus terminal to get over-40 facelift

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By Jane Seyd, North Shore News

May 4th, 2018 – On Friday, TransLink announced plans for a $17-million midlife update to the terminal, which 17,000 North Shore commuters and visitors pass through each day.

Four escalator replacements, one elevator replacement and seismic upgrades are all part of the work, which will start this summer and continue for about a year, said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond.

Improvements will also include a new staircase to make it quicker to transfer from the SeaBus to SkyTrain at Waterfront Station. A building extension will also make it easier for high-flying commuters to transfer from HeliJet to the SeaBus.

Seismic work is intended to help mitigate risk in the event of a major earthquake. The waterfront terminal is built on soil considered a high risk for liquefaction in a strong earthquake.

TransLink, the province and the federal government are sharing the cost of the work, with TransLink paying $13 million towards the project and the senior levels of government ponying up $4 million.

North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma, who is also parliamentary secretary for TransLink, said she knows first-hand how important the upgrades are for North Shore commuters. “Prior to my election, taking the SeaBus was a twice-daily routine for me,” she said. “If you take the SeaBus on a regular basis, especially during peak hours, you’ll know that’s something to celebrate.”

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