Mayor condemns video of fire-damaged properties near Fort Nelson

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May 17, 2024 – CBC News

The mayor of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is condemning videos posted to social media showing wildfire-damaged property near Fort Nelson, B.C.

It’s been one week since more than 4,700 people from Fort Nelson and the Fort Nelson First Nation were ordered to leave their homes as the fast-growing Parker Lake wildfire, sparked by a downed tree hitting a power line, grew rapidly on the evening of May 10.

In a video posted to Facebook this week, several properties can be seen near the origin point of the fire. Some are standing and appear unharmed while others show visible damage. It is not immediately apparent what type of buildings were lost.

B.C.’s emergency management minister also confirmed the damage, but says there have been no new reports of buildings burning in recent days.

Speaking at a news conference Friday, Bowinn Ma confirmed early reports that some buildings had been damaged in the immediate aftermath of the fire starting, but said she has not heard about any additional losses since then.

“We are not aware of any new structure losses since May 10, May 11,” she said.

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