Landlord’s attempt to bypass provincial rent cap struck down

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From CBC News:

A North Vancouver landlord who attempted to circumvent B.C.’s rent control cap has been forced to change his ways.

The landlord, who reportedly operates a number of Metro Vancouver properties, simply added a clause to the end of his rental agreements stating rents could be raised annually by the provincial maximum plus an additional seven per cent.

From North Shore News:

Ma said the issue of landlords using loopholes in law to get around rent controls isn’t new, but have become “more habitually used and taken advantage of” in recent years.

To deal with that, the province has cracked down on some of those, including ending landlords’ abilities to use fixed-term leases to bypass rent controls.

The government has also lowered the maximum amount landlords can raise rents annually to the rate of inflation – currently set at 2.6 per cent – rather than inflation plus two per cent as it was previously capped.

From News1130:

Earlier this year, an anonymous tip came into the office of North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma.

A landlord with several properties in the region had inserted a clause into the back of rental contracts, saying the signatory agreed to annual rent hikes north of nine per cent — or, more specifically, inflation plus seven per cent.

Ma says that’s way higher than this year’s provincial cap of two and a half per cent.