Iranian community thankful for ‘powerful’ support from North Shore leaders

Sep 24, 2022 – Nick Laba/North Shore News

Many Canadians with Iranian heritage want to express their outrage at the recent killing of Mahsa Amini, but fear that speaking out will mean danger for themselves and family members.

That’s why Ali – whose identity is being protected for this reason – is appreciative of local politicians like North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma for amplifying voices from the Iranian community.

Ma posted to social media this week, expressing solidarity with the brave people fighting for their freedoms in Iran.

“This is no longer about [Mahsa Amini] alone; it’s about all women living under this oppressive regime,” Ma wrote on Twitter.

“This is one of the most powerful ways that people who are not Iranian, especially those who are in positions of power, can be the voice of the voiceless,” Ali said. “She’s doing just that and for what it’s worth, I really, really appreciate it.”

The North Shore has a substantial Iranian community, with more than 15,000 people identifying as Iranian. There are around 80,000 to 90,000 people who identify as Iranian in the Lower Mainland.

“From the communications blackouts in late 2019 and the threat of war with America, to the downing of Flight 752 in 2020 and more, the diaspora community here on the North Shore has faced so much hardship and yet have been able to emerge each time through great strength and support for one another,” Ma told North Shore News by email.

“As non-Iranian Canadians we too must lend our strength and support when we can.”

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