Indigenous priority for COVID-19 vaccine sparks racist comments to North Vancouver MLA

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Apr 6, 2021 – Bethlehem Mariam & Denise Wong/News1130
North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma says she’s received toxic, dangerous, and racist messages from people angry that all Indigenous adults in B.C. are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine before some other age groups.

Ma says ever since the government prioritized Indigenous people for vaccinations, the amount of anti-Indigenous sentiments she’s received in correspondence has “gone through the roof.”

In a post to social media Monday night, Ma says the sentiments are mainly from people placing judgement on who is and isn’t deserving of the vaccine.

“I think in the best case scenario, I’ll receive emails where the question is raised as a genuine question and in the worst case, the comments are extremely racist,” Ma said. “Most of the correspondence falls somewhere in between.”

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