Improved transit, connected communities on the way with Surrey Langley SkyTrain

Jul 14, 2022 – BC Government News

The first rapid transit project south of the Fraser River in 30 years reached a new milestone with the release of the business case and formal approval of provincial funding for the project.

Work on the project is underway, including utility relocations and road widening. With the business case approved and provincial funding in place, the procurement process for major construction will begin this summer.

The project will provide high-quality and low-cost transportation for tens of thousands of people throughout Surrey and Langley. The project includes eight new stations and three new bus exchanges, and, once completed, the travel time from Langley City Centre to King George SkyTrain Station in Surrey will be approximately 22 minutes.

Bowinn Ma, Minister of State for Infrastructure, commented, “We’re making sure this transportation infrastructure investment not only gets people out of their cars, but also incents more livable communities. Surrey Langley SkyTrain will promote smarter, more sustainable growth that will makes it easier for people to get around while reducing our carbon footprint.”

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