Federal funding for new North Shore traffic study will support case for rapid transit

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This study will nicely complement the work that has been done through the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP) and the fixed-link rapid transit feasibility study and we are thrilled to welcome the Government of Canada’s contributions. For years, the fabled ‘third crossing’ has graced the lips of many North Shore residents as they battled congestion and imagined alternative ways to travel across the Burrard Inlet. Through the collaborative work of INSTPP, serious steps are finally being taken by senior levels of government in partnership with local governments.

From North Shore News:

The new study is meant to build on the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project led by North Vancouver-Lonsdale NDP MLA Bowinn Ma in 2018. In May, the province announced funding for a rapid transit feasibility study to examine what would be technically possible, given the physical geography and land use constraints. The study announced Tuesday is to examine the all-important financials – both costs and benefits.