Change in BC NDP leadership could herald an early provincial election call

Jul 13, 2022 – Keith Baldrey/Global News

Horgan’s successor (which appears almost certainly to be current Attorney General David Eby) may find it tempting to call an early vote rather than trying to govern for two more years without facing the electorate.

Eby (assuming he becomes the next leader) will find himself under pressure from various activist wings of the NDP to abandon Horgan’s “progressive centrism” approach and embrace a more left wing, environmental activist direction.

Some of that pressure may come from members of his own caucus. North Vancouver Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma recently posted a multi-part thread on Twitter in which she insisted the next NDP leader had to be what she called a “Climate Champion.”

And she defined that as a leader who will agree that “addressing #ClimateEmergency is a moral imperative, who will take an unambiguous stance against the expansion of fossil fuel extraction, including LNG, and end measures designed to incentivize the industry.”

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