British Columbians encouraged to prepare for climate-related hazards

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Apr 13, 2023 – BC Government News

As warmer weather approaches, British Columbians are encouraged to be prepared for the possibility of climate-related hazards, such as floods and wildfires, which are becoming increasingly common.

Flooding may occur in the spring and early summer when the snowpack melts and water levels rise. According to the River Forecast Centre, the average provincial snowpack is slightly below normal, with some regions experiencing well above normal snowpack levels.

“Spring is a time of change and renewal, but it can also bring unpredictable weather patterns that may cause emergencies,” said Bowinn Ma, Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness. “If we all take proactive steps to prepare for these events, we can better protect ourselves, our loved ones and our homes, while minimizing the impact of these increasingly common occurrences.”

To prepare for the potential of flooding, people should put together an emergency kit, which includes essentials such as water, non-perishable food, medication and a first-aid kit. People are also encouraged to have an evacuation plan in place and stay informed about weather alerts.

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