Community Notices

Community Updates are one of the ways that MLA Ma communicates with constituents in the North Vancouver-Lonsdale riding. Updates are in printable PDF format. You may also contact our office if you would like assistance printing them out.

Date Released Topic Notes & Comments
June 2019 Renters’ Tips – Information on Rent Increases  Information regarding legal and illegal rent increases.
April 2019 Income & Disability Assistance Rate Increases 2019
March 2019 Income & Disability Assistance Rate Increases 2019 Correction issued, see April 2019 version
January 2019 Eliminated and Reduced Costs for Prescription Drugs
September 2018 Renters’ Tips – General Tips (Version 1) Several versions of this sheet exist, with different tips emphasized. Custom sheets can be produced upon request.
May 18, 2018 Notice for Renters & Landlords: Important Changes to the RTA
November 18, 2017 2018 Update: Business Tax Measures
November 14, 2017 Changes to Income and Disability Assistance This notice has been updated. See March 2019 notice.
October 30, 2017 Notice for Renters: Fixed-Term Leases