Environment & Climate Change

On this page you’ll find links to information on key issues relating to the work of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, which is responsible for the effective protection, management and conservation of B.C.’s water, land, air and living resources. You will also find links to incentive programs and grants available to individuals, households, and organizations seeking support in their related environmental initiatives.

CleanBC  is our pathway to achieve the Province’s climate targets of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by the year 2030. Government has committed to investing $902M over three years for CleanBC programming – positioning B.C. at the forefront of climate leadership in North America.

Along with our actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, CleanBC provides an effective blueprint to build our economy. Rising to meet the global challenge of climate change is an opportunity for British Columbia to mobilize our skilled workers, natural resources, and booming technology sector to reduce climate pollution and create good jobs and economic opportunities across B.C.

CleanBC focuses on initiatives in five primary areas:

  • Cleaner Transportation
  • Improving Where We Live and Work
  • Cleaner Industry
  • Reducing Waste
  • Helping People Get the Skills They Need

For more information on these and on reaching our targets read the full report here.

Incentives & Grants

Other topics:

  • Water Sustainability Act
    Learn more about updating our current water laws in B.C.
  • Park Boundary Proposals
    Information on policy, process and guidelines for amending BC Park boundaries.
  • Spill Response & Preparedness in B.C.
    Public consultation data on improvements to the rules for hazardous material spill preparedness and response in B.C.
  • Environmental Emergency Reporting
    Any spill that threatens the environmental quality of water, land or air must be reported.
  • Recycling Information
    Learn more about packaging and printed paper recycling for residents and businesses.
  • Species at Risk Engagement
    Legislation is being developed to protect species at risk. We want to hear your thoughts and concerns so we can develop legislation that meets the needs of British Columbians and our species at risk, join the discussion and make your voice heard.
  • Reference Question on Diluted Bitumen
    The Government of British Columbia has submitted a reference question to the B.C. Court of Appeal to affirm its right to protect B.C. from the threat of a diluted bitumen spill. This PowerPoint was presented to a technical media briefing on April 26, 2018.