Child Care

BC Government Universal Child Care Plan

The provincial government recently announced the largest investment in affordable child care in BC’s history in our first steps towards a Universal Child Care Program. As part of these first steps, new programs to improve affordability, accessibility, and quality of child care in BC will be introduced.

The first program is the Child Fare Fee Reduction Program. This new program launched in March 2018 and provides a fee reduction for parents through their child care provider. This is not an income-tested program and is dependent on the child care provider entering agreements with government.

The second program is the Affordable Child Care Benefit. This program is an income-tested program that will assist families earning less than $111,000/year with the financial challenge of child care, starting September 2018.

Government has also committed $221M to build an additional 22,000 licensed child care spaces  while expanding training programs for Early Childhood Educators and working to improve worker retention in this field.

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